Management Pack for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The Blue Medora VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is an embedded adapter for vRealize Operations (vROps), collecting performance data from your Pivotal Cloud Foundry Foundation and providing predictive analytics and real-time information about problems in your infrastructure—all within the vRealize Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack includes the following notable features:

  • Full coverage performance monitoring for your entire PCF Foundation, from availability zones and underlying infrastructure resources to organizations and their deployed applications and services
  • 3 distinct APIs—Blue Medora Nozzle for PCF, Cloud Controller, and BOSH Director— access all levels of your PCF environment, importing to vROps PCF objects, relationships, and metrics for complete visibility
  • 6 comprehensive monitoring dashboards: Overview, Health Investigation, Diego, Infrastructure, Apps, and PCF on AWS
  • 700+ collected metrics providing insights into the health, availability, and performance of your Pivotal Cloud Foundry resources
  • 140+ detailed alerts and recommendations keeping you on top of issues as they arise within your Pivotal Cloud Foundry environment
  • Key performance metrics such as used memory, dropped messages, thread connections, and total requests
  • Capacity planning for Pivotal Cloud Foundry Apps (memory and disk), Diego Cell (disk), and Cloud Controllers (memory)
  • External Relationships to VMware Virtual Machines from BOSH jobs

Getting Started

Wondering where to start? See our Getting Started (PCF) and System Requirements (PCF) topics for details.

Release Notes

VersionRelease DateDescription

October 24, 2019

Added support for vRealize Operations 7.x and 8.x (does not support vRealize Operations 6.x) 11, 2019

This release incorporates a number of bug fixes and optimizations, including:

  • Some failed requests now return some information instead of none
  • Pagination fixes
  • Cell resources are now in the right availability zone when multiple availability zones are available
  • Added a cloud controller to the traversal spec 24, 2018 11, 2018
  • Added BOSH Job resource kind, which serves as a catch-all resource for any BOSH job (including BOSH metrics) not covered by other previously-defined resource kinds (See: Resource Kinds and Relationships (PCF))
  • Improved alerts and recommendations to align with PCF Key Performance Indicators best practice documentation (See: Alerts (PCF))
  • Added one new Advanced Configuration setting: Collect Events (See: Creating an Adapter Instance (PCF))
  • Updated Blue Medora Nozzle Tile to include timeseries for historical data to enable improved alerts (NOTE: Be sure to upgrade the management pack prior to upgrading to the new nozzle version. See: Upgrading the Management Pack (PCF).) 12, 2018 19, 2017
  • Reinstated support for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.8 & 1.9
  • Added support for BOSH health metrics and Availability Zones via the BOSH Director API
  • Improved object naming for easier resource identification
  • Improved relationships to reflect Availability Zone and Organization memberships within a PCF Foundation
  • Added support for creating VMware relationships for PCF environments using multiple networks
  • Updated the Blue Medora Nozzle for PCF to reduce CPU consumption (upgrade recommended for existing users, see: System Requirements (PCF))
  • Added Foundation and Availability Zone resource kinds; deprecated Route resource kind
  • Improved Dashboards (PCF) based on resource, naming, relationship, and metric changes 3, 2017
  • Added support for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12
  • Deprecated support for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.6 - 1.9
  • Added support for PCF applications and services via the Cloud Controller API
  • Deprecated the Database resource kind
  • Added new resource kinds: Organization, Space, App, App Instance, Route, Service, BBS (split from Database), and Etcd (split from Database)
  • Added new dashboards: Pivotal Cloud Foundry Infrastructure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Apps
  • Deprecated the following dashboards: Pivotal Cloud Foundry Environment, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Capi, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Consul, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Routing, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Loggregator
  • Implemented new versioning scheme, which removes the "6.x" signifier tied to the minimum supported vROps version.


6.0.10600025September 28, 2016

Added support for True Visibility Suite licensing

6.0.10600024September 23, 2016Initial Release General Availability release for vRealize Operations 6.x

Known Issues / Limitations

The following known issues/limitations exist for the currently-released version of the management pack:

  • The new version of the management pack (3.2.0) is the first version compatible with the recently-updated Blue Medora Nozzle for PCF (3.0.0). Please note that any previous versions of the management pack are incompatible with the latest version of the nozzle, so upgrading both the management pack and nozzle is required (see: Upgrading the Management Pack (PCF)).