Management Pack Files and Folders (Kubernetes)

The installer places the Management Pack files in the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/kubernetes_adapter3folder as shown in the table below.

confKubernetes.propertiesContains additional Management Pack configuration properties
certs (folder)Contains certs used by the Management Pack
dashboards (folder)Contains .json files for Management Pack Dashboards
describe.xmlDescribes the Management Pack
images (folder)Contains .png files for AdapterKind, ResourceKinds, and TraversalSpec
oss_attribution.txtDescribes the open source libraries used
reports (folder)Contains .xml files for Management Pack reports
reskndmetrics (folder)Contains .xml files for Dashboard Metric configuration
resources (folder)Contains file
version.txtContains version information
libRefer to lib folder for entire list.jar files that contain the classes and resources used to implement the Management Pack
workinstall.logInstall log file for the adapter instance