Management Pack for Dell EMC Vblock

The Blue Medora VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for VCE Vblock is an embedded adapter for vRealize Operations (vROps), collecting performance data from your VCE Vblock systems and providing predictive analytics and real-time information about problems in your infrastructure—all within the vRealize Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack harnesses powerful vRealize Operations features such as:

  • 9 comprehensive monitoring dashboards:
    • Vision Overview
    • Vision Compute Overview
    • Vision Network Overview
    • Vision Storage Overview
    • Vision Metrics
    • Vision HeatMaps
    • Vision Inventory
    • Vision Alerts
    • Vision Alert Topology
  • 6 Inventory Trees (Traversal Specs):
    • Vblock Compute and Chassis
    • Vblock Compute and Fabric
    • Vblock Network and Switch
    • Vblock Storage and Array
    • Vblock Storage and Chassis
    • Vblock Storage and Vplex
  • 250+ alerts based on Vblock system events
  • Relationship mapping between the VCE Vblock and VMware virtual layers

Release Notes

VersionRelease DateDescription 20, 2018
  • Updated for vROps 6.7 compatibility (For information about general vROps 6.7 impact on our management packs, see our 6.7 Support Knowledge Article.)

  • Updated for OSS attribution
  • Incorporated a previous LA release which fixed a null pointer exception thrown when port AdminStatus objects are null
6.0.10600007September 29, 2016

Updated product licensing

6.0.10600004June 10, 2016Initial Blue Medora General Availability release for vRealize Operations 6.x

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