Adding an SSL Certificate on Cohesity

If security is a concern, you may want to install your own SSL certificate on Cohesity.


  • Download the Cohesity Command-Line Interface (CLI) from your Cohesity instance.


To add an SSL certificate to Cohesity:

  1. Obtain an SSL certificate from your organization's Certificate Authority (CA).
  2. From the Cohesity CLI, run the following command to download the iris_cli tool from the Cohesity instance:

    ./iris_cli -server <cohesity-hostname> -password <cohesity-password>

    You may need to chmod +x iris_cli.

  3. Next, install the cert/key by running the following command from the iris_cli:

    cluster update-ssl-certificate ssl-cert-private-key='/local/path/to/private/key' ssl-certificate='/local/path/to/cert'

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