Management Pack for Citrix Netscaler

The Blue Medora VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Citrix NetScaler is an embedded adapter for vRealize Operations (vROps), collecting performance and capacity data from your Citrix NetScaler environment and providing predictive analytics and real-time information about problems in your infrastructure—all within the vRealize Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack for Citrix NetScaler provides the following notable features:

  • 6 comprehensive monitoring dashboards, including:
    • Citrix NetScaler Health Investigation
    • Citrix NetScaler Appliance Overview
    • Citrix NetScaler Virtual Server Overview
  • 4 out-of-the-box reports, including Citrix NetScaler Health, KPIs, Appliances, and Virtual Servers
  • 400+ collected metrics for Citrix NetScaler resources
  • Key performance metrics, such as Appliance CPU and Memory usage and Appliance and Virtual Server data throughput
  • Detailed alerts, symptoms, and recommendations to help stay on top of Citrix NetScaler issues
  • External relationships to the VMware virtual layer

External Relationships

VersionRelease DateDescription 23, 2019
  • Updated to support vRealize Operations 7.x and 8.x (does not support vRealize Operations 6.x)
  • Added support for load balancers with matching IP addresses 20, 2018
  • Updated for vROps 6.7 compatibility (For information about general vROps 6.7 impact on our management packs, see our 6.7 Support Knowledge Article.)

  • Updated for OSS attribution 2, 2018
  • Fixed a bug where collection would fail if one node went down; collection now succeeds if at least one node can be collected from
  • Modified adapter configuration parameters (see: Creating an Adapter Instance (Citrix NetScaler)); existing users also see: Upgrading the Management Pack (Citrix NetScaler)
  • Deprecated timestamp metrics
  • Deprecated Citrix NetScaler Capacity report and Citrix NetScaler Appliance Capacity and Time and Citrix NetScaler Service Capacity and Time views
  • Prevents overlapping Load Balancing Virtual Server resources (NOTE: This will create new resources for users, and set their old resources to "not existing".)
  • Added missing scripts folder to prevent recurring error message
  • Implemented new versioning scheme, which removes the "6.x" signifier tied to the minimum supported vROps version. Example:

6.0.10600023September 28, 2016
  • Added support for True Visibility Suite licensing
  • Better handling of metric constructor failures
  • Redefined all necessary attribute string-values as properties for better analytics engine performance
  • Added better null identifiers handling
6.0.10600019March 25, 2016Initial General Availability release for vRealize Operations 6.x

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